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We deliver legal solutions for people and business who wish to explore the opportunites Australia, Canada and the USA have to offer. Our lawyers and ex immigration officers combine their knowledge to deliver a unique blend of skills and expertise to provide emigration solutions to Australia, Canada and the USA.
We provide a free assessment and a fixed fee solutions so our clients can budget for their plans.

Press releases

The Top Ten Toughest Immigration Laws In The World

During the week that Australia is set to reach a population of 25 million on August 8th, 2018, due to unprecedented immigration, some 24 years... read more

06.08.2018 • By Haskew Law

Skilled Migration Declines While Millionaire Migrants Reach Record Numbers

Today Australian government figures confirmed a 15% fall in immigration numbers along with a 46% increase in visa refusals. This is reflective of... read more

24.07.2018 • By Haskew Law

Record Levels Of Searches for Emigration From The UK Reported On Google...

As the UK has been divided by a voted on the E.U. by 49% compared to 51% everyone is in agreement with one fact, the UK is going to change and... read more

27.06.2016 • By Haskew Law